Phase 2

Kick Back, Sip On, and Relax—We've Got Our Promises Covered for You!

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who contributed to making Degenz! Season One a hit. While we all wished the fun would have lasted longer, we have officially shifted into Phase 2 and true, passive income.

Each Phase 2 NFT is assigned two values: Units and Owed Amount. The values can be seen in your Farmz! Dashboard or our Toolz! NFT Lookup.


This value represents your portion of the total Farmz! units, or "your slice" of the entire pie.


This value is precisely as it seems—it represents the amount in USDC we owe you. Not only will this make you whole, but it will also ensure you profit up to the cap you reached while Degenz! was active.

You have the option to feed Blobby your Phase 2 NFTs, sacrificing short-term gains to unlock the exponential power of compounding! With Blobby, there's no maximum profit cap, so you can earn endlessly—into infinity and beyond!

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