Cycle B

Sowing Seeds of Prosperity and Playfulness!

Step into a world of lush fields and thriving yields with our new series of Farmz! NFTs. Each one is a gateway to agricultural abundance and enchanting rewards, opening up a verdant paradise for those who seek unending prosperity. But the wonders donโ€™t end at the fields! Owners of these unique Farmz! NFTs will unlock the mysteries of everlasting bounty and flourishing โ€“ dive into a captivating realm of boundless abundance!

Cycle B holders are part of our Farmz! series and are entitled to weekly payouts as part of our Farmz! system.

Bonus! All Cycle B holders will earn a portion of the $5 tax from every future Cycle C mint. This bonus will be incorporated into the weekly payouts.

Total Supply


Original Price


Sale Status


Initial Cycle

80 / 20

Current Cycle

70 / 30

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