Cycle D

Scarecrow's Watchful Dance in the Autumn Twilight!

Embark on a journey to fields where the scarecrow sways at twilight in our enthralling Farmz! NFT collection. Each piece is a passage to a world of lush meadows and rich harvests, where agriculture meets enchantment. As guardians of plentiful fields, these Farmz! NFTs are more than mere artโ€”they are keys to hidden realms of perpetual abundance. Holders will discover secrets and incentives interwoven with the earth's generous spirit, revealing a magical world of endless prosperity. Embrace the rustic charm and bountiful wonders with Farmz! โ€“ where every NFT is a gateway to everlasting riches in the scarecrow's twilight domain!

Cycle D holders are part of our Farmz! series and are entitled to weekly payouts as part of our Farmz! system.

Bonus! All Cycle D holders will earn a portion of the $5 tax from every future Cycle E mint. This bonus will be incorporated into the weekly payouts.

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80 / 20

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80 / 20

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