Cycle E

Tractor Trails: A Joyride Through Harvest’s Heartland!

Journey through vibrant meadows and bounteous harvests with our Farmz! NFT collection, where every piece is a portal to agrarian riches. This series is your ticket to a tractor ride across lush landscapes, offering a glimpse into a realm of ceaseless affluence. The magic of the Farmz! NFTs extends beyond the fields, unveiling secrets of prosperity and growth for their holders. Embark on this spellbinding adventure and immerse yourself in the domain of infinite wealth, where the spirit of the land and the joy of the ride intertwine.

Cycle E holders are part of our Farmz! series and are entitled to weekly payouts as part of our Farmz! system.

Bonus! All Cycle E holders will earn a portion of the $5 tax from every future Cycle F mint. This bonus will be incorporated into the weekly payouts.

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80 / 20

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80 / 20

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