Treasure Vault

Reserved for the Elite of Monster Royalty!

In the heart of Monstro's Universe, the Treasure Vaults shimmer with unmatched opulence. These elite NFTs, representing the zenith of our collection, are the epitome of luxury and prestige. While available to those with the means, owning a Treasure Vault is a mark of distinction, a symbol of one's deep connection to the grandeur and enchantment of Monstro's world. Step into the realm of the extraordinary and bask in the allure of the finest!

Vault holders are part of our genesis series and will receive ongoing benefits as our ecosystem grows and expands. They also are entitled to weekly payouts as part of our Farmz! system.

Treasure Vaults will begin their first pay period the upcoming Wednesday after purchase. They always start their own dedicated 90/10 ROI cycle.

Total Supply


Original Price


Sale Status

On Demand

Initial Cycle

90 / 10

Lowest Cycle

10 / 90

Discord Perks

Private Channel Access

Special Role

NFT Perks

Custom Artwork

Custom Description

Partner Perks

Good Airdrops

Good Discounts

Add Funds?


Blobby Access?

Up to 25%

Early Investments

Seed Round

Lazarus Pit Bonus?


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