Transparency isn’t merely a “nice to have” – it’s our friendly promise!

In the playful realm of Monstro's Universe, we're committed to keeping things straight, even if our monsters are all about fun and games!

Every wallet is transparent and public, with each transaction meticulously tracked and verifiable on-chain. No funny business here – in Monstro we trust!

Deployer / NFT Sale This wallet is used to deploy all our smart contracts as well as receive the proceeds of all our various NFT sales. 0xcc4c5217bdf5a4fec38476531bd4546cbc306290

Farmz! This wallet manages the active working capital for our yield-farming product, Farmz! 0xdbe214c863d6b2ecf5d79012e5d03aab09c57e28

Gamez! This wallet manages funds related specifically to Gamez! funding and expenses. 0x5ce9c9e8713eea229a7b57d68b859b31149071fa

Genesis Benefits This wallet is used to collect funds to be distributed to genesis NFT holders, from the claim tax employed by Degenz! for example. 0x23F49Dd783c43e185C57adb9E65046011d614b0D

Marketing This wallet is used to collect funds to be spent specifically on marketing efforts, from the deposit tax employed by Degenz! for example. 0x2D87b09e9622c26304ff8b0dE3C40A3F59dF6968

Raffle This wallet is used to collect funds for direct raffle ticket sales and events such as our Spooky Halloween raffle. 0x4777b9bbba63f22395418a53fa069630b9eae29e

Team / Treasury This wallet holds all funds allocated to the treasury and team to be used at their complete and sole discretion. 0x0ccd0930b070602ded69938bb9de052c5e8d99d5

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