A Stronghold Where Even the Brave Tread Lightly!

Embark on a journey beyond mere treasure troves and step into the grandeur of Monstro Fortresses. Here, owning a fortress is not just an opulent endeavor but a statement of power and legacy. Each fortress, far more than a typical NFT, is a bastion of strength, overflowing with vaults and hidden wonders that only its ruler can truly appreciate. Imagine a place where every chamber whispers tales of wealth and mystery from the depths of Monstro's Universe. Don't just aspire to own a piece of treasure; seize the opportunity to control a monumental fortress, rich with the lore and splendor of an ancient realm. Elevate your aspirations. Command your Monstro Fortress!

Fortress holders are part of our genesis series and will receive very high consideration and ongoing benefits as our ecosystem grows and expands. They also are entitled to weekly payouts as part of our Farmz! system.

Fortresses will begin their first pay period the upcoming Wednesday after purchase. They always start their own dedicated 90/10 ROI cycle and bottom out at 50/50 as opposed to 10/90 - forever!

Total Supply


Original Price


Sale Status

On Demand

Initial Cycle

90 / 10

Lowest Cycle

50 / 50

Discord Perks

Private Channel Access

Special Role

NFT Perks

Custom Artwork

Custom Description

Partner Perks

Large Airdrops

Big Discounts

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Blobby Access?

Up to 30%

Early Investments

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